Can you tell us a bit more about you? 

My name is Yaël, I’m a 29-year-old painter from Antwerp, Belgium.

Yael Huppert when she's painting - taken by Oona Smet

Yael Huppert when she's painting - taken by Oona Smet

When your passion for art/painting starts? 

As far as I can remember I’ve always been creative and always been attracted by art, whatever the form. Antwerp is an awesome city for that:  the museums, the taste for interiors and, of course, the fashion academy, all bring together very inspiring and stylish people, which I’ve always kind of fed from creatively. First via my former job, as a makeup artist, and then more freely by translating what I was seeing and feeling to the canvas. 

yael hupert

Can you describe your community/followers? 

What I see from the different ways they connect with my work is that they are from all over the world, and tend to belong to communities I myself feel connected with: museums, painters, photographers, fashion magazines… I’m really overwhelmed by the support I have been getting lately! 

How would you describe your style, image, storytelling? 

I like to think that my work is a sum of the elements which inspire me to begin with. Colourful, sometimes mysterious, feminine… These are probably words I’d like to see associated with my style. 

yael hupert

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

I get mostly inspired by fashion: details in garments, magazines, catwalks, a combination of colours I stumble upon, etc. Painting also made me look at people’s faces in a way I didn’t before. There’s beauty in all of us, that's the most inspiring of all.

What are your biggest accomplishments? 

Being recognised as an artist already means so much for me. I'm always amazed by the love and care people I don’t even know have for my work, it makes me so proud! This year has been kind of crazy really, and I'm very excited about some projects I got the chance to work on.

Where do you usually like to go to chill/take a drink/party, dance? 

I really love my family life here in Antwerp, my nights are usually quiet because I have a 4-year-old daughter. I do enjoy dinners with friends, and having brunch in the cosy little places you can find around the city.

yael hupert

What is your favourite place to travel? 

I have a big love affair with Japan. Everything there inspires me and fascinates me. I’ve been there many times and always seem to be wanting to go back.

What are your favourite painters? 

I’ve always loved Frida Kahlo but a more recent crush is Kris Knight, for his amazing talent and use of colours, I love his cool, modern take on portraits. It’s funny because he paints only men and I paint only women.

What is your motto in life?  

Live and let live.