Romina Caponi is the founder and creative director of the styleish knitwear fashion brand 16R. Born in Pisa she pursed on and studies at Caterina De’ Medici in Florence where, in 1995, she achieved a diploma in Art and Fashion. In 1999 Romina began a collaboration as a Senior Designer responsable for a range of knitwear with the fashion house Roberto Cavalli. Shortly aftter, in 2006, Caponi joined the creative team of the famed Italian luxury fashion house Versace, as Senior Designer.

In 2016, Caponi branded 16R, which is made of total knitwear, handmade in Italy, styled with a special mix of contemporary and folk influences and produced and distributed by Maglificio Caponi


16R Romina BST Showroom NYC SoHo

Her inner conflict between the decorative style and minimalism formed into what 16R is today. The main mission and inspiration were to find a new style code that brought together contemporary and sophisticated knitwear.

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Where do you like to chill, have a drink, dance?

I generally love to spend my winter weekends in my wooden house in relax near the sea immersed in nature, I love drinking good red wine and eating good Tuscan cuisine ... naturally at km zero. Every now and then I like to go to private parties and participate in the most important events of fashion and cinema.

What is your favorite place to travel?

I love traveling ... my favorites: Paris, Venice, Thailand, Seville, Mexico, Biarritz and certainly I love Florence.

What is your motto in life?

You dream as if I should live forever ...

You live as if I should die today ...

By James Dean

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