BST: Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

As a young art director, graphic designer and motion grapher, lovers of letters, typography, and lettering, I work in all aspects of branding, advertising and communication. I love inspiring myself in different artistic trends. I found inspiration in aspects of my life like when I travel. Although I am quite linked to the urban trend since in a certain way, I am part of it.

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BST: Where are you from?

I am from Burgos, a small town in the north of Spain.

BST: Where you live now?

At the moment I live in Madrid, I came to make a master of advertising graphic 4 years ago and I stayed in this city working in different agencies of publicity/design studies like a director of art.

BST: Tell us about your background?

My background… I have always been linked to the world of illustration and comics. I continued the world of graffiti, where I found my passion for drawing letters. I was mixing them with drawings, playing with colors and discovering interesting grammar ranges … which led me to the world of graphic design, start studying the world of typography and lettering, continuing to learn and end up deriving the direction of art.

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BST: Can you describe your community?

My community would be describe as a small creative community, a mix of creative, clients, and visual references. Most of my community are creative, from different branches : graphic design, photography, motion graphics, editorial design, web design, graffiti, illustration. It could be clients or collaborators who are dedicated to the world of fashion, healthy life, modern online stores with new concepts, showrooms, art spaces, etc. As well as references of the retro gamer world, the world of craft beer, travel and hunters trends, I like to see new trends or possibilities.

BST: How would you describe your style, image, storytelling?

My style is minimalist, always working based on a concept, I like a style very clean, simple and direct, to convey the concept quickly, trying always to reinforce with a good typographic work. I also work a lot of flat design in my illustrations or in motion graphics. In many projects merging these two trends/styles usually give very interesting results.

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BST: Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from different places. I found it day to day from what I see, posters, advertising, apps, video games, TV, architecture, graffiti, etc. Also I see the work of design studies of other creative. Inspiration is where you want to look, there can always be something that gets you that clicks you need to get the inspiration you need.

BST: When does your passion for design begin?

My passion for design began when I knew the tools that allowed me to apply certain knowledge of composition and colors in a freer way. I saw a new way of channeling creativity and restlessness, later went deeper and studying design, until I was given the Opportunity to become part of a design studio, where I learned and get introduced in the design world. I began to become much more interested in the typographic world and its possibilities within graphic design.

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BST: What material do you use for the job?

My favourite material is a pencil and paper, to sketch, to sketch a lot, then we move on to the scanning part on the computer, and depending on the project, sometimes different media, digital, analogue or manual can be applied. Everything depends on the type of project that we are working. But my indispensable tools are pencil, paper, and computers.

BST: What are your greatest achievements as an art director?

My achievements as an art director, working for large and small companies, working in international and national campaigns, continue to learn, with their good and bad moments, to unleash creativity in the best way we know, and to some extent public recognition.

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BST: Where do you usually enjoy going to relax/have a drink/party, dance?

I often get away from work, traveling to places I do not know, new cultures, new flavors … or a field trip. In the city I’m more than going out to some terrace with friends accompanied by fresh brewers. I’m going to paint graffiti, or I’m going to Cinema to see some interesting film or animation, if I go out party I am more of going to local rock, rap, or alternative music.

BST: What is your favourite place to travel?

My favourite place is one that allows me to escape in a certain way, cultural alternatives, leisure and rest.

BST: What is your motto in life?

The motto of my life is “less is more”, try to make life less complicated and better, complicated enough is already in itself.

“Simplicity makes us different” as my philosophy of life, which I also apply to my work.

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