If you want to see the most prominent event for menswear and accessories, then you’ll love Pitti Uomo.  

Known as one of the world’s most important platforms for men’s fashion, Pitti Uomo, is surely something we could not miss out being a part of.

Lucky for you, we are going to share with you the three reasons why Pitti Uomo has nothing to compare with the other fashion trade shows.

Pitti Uomo has been held twice a year, since 1972. The events and runways are set up in Florence, Italy and every big name in menswear fashion show up. There is no other event on the globe that can compare to what is brought and displayed at this one. Every designer, buyer, and creative mind, who can attend, attends. People from all around the globe come searching for the newest styles and trends to the smallest details that can improve their collections or lines.

Because It Incentivizes Excellence

This trade show is a chance for well-established designers and collections to make a debut as well as up-and-coming collections to gain publicity. Making an appearance at an event like this can be the next step in making your brand a big one. Not to mention that it is filled with some of the best dressed men around the globe eating gelato and taking business- something no one wants to miss out on.

Because It Boasts Timeless Design Cues

            Being the 92nd edition of the show, Pitti Uomo, brought forth an evolving new style of fair to capture every unique collection and designer that would be there. Combining the classic with the modern there are things never before seen this year. One of the main evolution of the event you can find is the section, unconventional, for gender-neutral lines. Over past decade suits have been making their way from “Just For Men” to a modern, clean-cut, look for females. Taking away the limitations of the suit, brining all people in, was a move of the 21st century and a true show of evolution.

Because It Redesigns a New Fashion Vision

            Another form of evolution they brought on was menswear for hunting. When you think hunting you think may think camo print and dirty Timberland boots. But this year we see a showcase of a collection, by Bob Lee, challenging this idea. Where he creates briefcases and outfits that are meant to withstand tough trips and can be taken from work to sport without hesitation.

We can’t emphasise this enough,

Pitti Uomo 2017 is one we would never have missed out on. Being able to see all the newest collections and trends is what helps a company grow with the world. For 92 years this event has taken place and for the reason that it is so important to the world of menswear. Fashion grows with the culture around it and Pitti Uomo is truly filled with culture.

pitti uomo
Pitti Uomo Terrazza 

Pitti Uomo Terrazza 

Pitti Uomo Artwork

Pitti Uomo Artwork