Frieze Art Fair – From London to New York­

Frieze New York, in Randall’s Island Park, comes to its 6th edition and officially opened on May 5th 2017. Originally taking place in London, Frieze Art Fair is an international art fair of modern and contemporary art running in New York since 2014. On May 4th, the fair was only open to invited guests to get a taste of what would have been a weekend focused on modern and contemporary art, full of promising faces and accomplished, consolidated artists.

A delightful preview among the elite

Black Stallion Trading had the chance to be in the selected group of invited guests for a glimpse of the experience. With a wide-open space divided in different stands, with just two colors, white and grey, shaping the atmosphere, the place expressed movement and simplicity, highlighting every piece of art as a closing dress is highlighted at the end of a fashion show.

International – Transcending

The fair brought together 200 galleries from 31 countries. Strong evidence on cosmic celestial influence could be seen in many works; circles, ellipsis, lines and abstract objects floating in the sky were at the center of attention. These elements indicate the experience of the universe and the endless perfection. Above all circles represent perfection, relationship with the earth and life itself. This simplicity, elegance and perfection together with the uniqueness of the idea of the infinity can be found also in the fashion industry where designers and clothing lines focus on expressing something bigger than us, as the universe does, where forms, lines, functional structures build the clothes. The sense of being powerless toward the universe and the strength of the energy that it emanates characterize the minds of designers when they come up with original ideas for a new collection.

What we wore to the Frieze Art Fair - Religion Brand

“Get the Frieze art Look” 

A date with fashion not to miss

Interested, fascinating and elegant people were the audience of this fair, bringing them together through a common passion. Collectors, vendors and galleries gathered together for a common goal: transmit the beauty of art.

Exploring art and exploring fashion is like expanding the horizon of the mind and offers tools to improve the guidance of everyone’s inner world.