Acia studio is a fashion and creative brand originating from the UK. Acia encourage not to follow the path that society dictates to you. ‘conform against the masses’ – a contradictory term that tells not to conform to social norms. 

  • Can you tell us a bit more about you? 

I'm Suril and I've just launched my fashion label - Acia. I'd say I'm a creative from the UK. I don't like using titles to define people because I feel they are restrictive. I wouldn't say I'm a fashion designer or a model or anything else but a creative. I've recently graduated from university but wasn’t looking to go into a 9-5 yet. 

  • Where are you from?

A town called Northampton in England

  • Where do you live now?

I'm back in Northampton after studying in Nottingham for 4 years. I'm looking to move to London soon. 

  • Tell us a bit about your background? 

I've always had an interest in fashion from a young age. It stemmed from discovering name brands and selling imported designer clothes with my boys when I was 13/14. This taught me a lot about quality, issues with customs and the counterfeit market. 

This is my first venture into the fashion world. Before this, I danced - Hip Hop from school days. I competed with a couple teams at European and Worldwide competitions and always collated or designed team outfits. We were always on a tight budget so had to work around that as well. 

  • Can you describe your community/followers?

It's a real mix of people who are interested in fashion or other creative fields like music or art. These include my friends and people I've collaborated with. 

Since I started focusing my Instagram posts on my clothing and lifestyle, it's attracted others with similar interests. These people are hard to come by in my town so Instagram has definitely helped me link up with people I probably wouldn't have before. It also shows how many people are about the culture worldwide. I still don't like how quickly trends spread because of the Internet. I prefer it styles to evolve more naturally but I also can't fault the power social media. The Internet unites people. 

  • How would you describe your style, image, storytelling? 

I like to stand out without looking like I'm trying too hard. Most of all I like to be cosy, sweatpants are a staple and I like mixing clothing you wouldn't usually think to pair together. I've been putting chunky trainers and well fitting trousers together for a few years, it might look weird but it works. It's like one big mix of street and high-end with an emphasis on comfort. 

This is the vibe of my brand as well.

  • Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

My style derives from my life and the people in it. I take inspiration from the music scene, raves, streetwear and runway. I don't usually follow what's trending or hyped but if I think a hyped item is fire then I'll cop. 

 I grew up around skaters and roadman back when everyone was classed as only one thing so it's  interesting to see how all these different cultures have merged into one big scene. 

  • When your passion for design start?

Back from MySpace days I guess. We used to play around on photoshop to make personal layouts. That taught me a basic understanding of Photoshop and then just tried new things and developed skills to photos, art, logos, packaging and all that.

  • What material do you use for work?

A range of high quality, premium cotton. Currently looking into some wool blends, jersey and scuba materials for the new collection. 

  • Can you tell us a bit more about Acia? When did it start? Can you describe the lifestyle around the brand?

Acia has been an idea brewing for 3 years but because of work, I couldn’t fully focus on the brand. Acia means thread in latin. The brand is built around the underground culture and the sub-cultures involved. Acia draws inspiration from and represents music (grime, house, techno, hip hop, future beats), art, raves, festivals, skating, street fashion and life. This is all mixed with high-end designs and materials. Acia is a unisex brand because I don’t believe in titles. 

Acia acts as the thread connecting the different aspects of the culture. 

  • Where do you usually like to go to chill/take a drink/party, dance?

I prefer house parties, there’s less restrictions and no dickhead bouncers. It also means we can play the music we want and my friends always kill it on the decks.

But I like raves and festivals where you can just let loose. It’s usually the company that makes the night/event.

On a calmer note I like rooftop bars.


  • What is your favorite place to travel? 

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world. I love everything from the architecture to the lifestyle. I love the mix of boujie and sleazy it has.

  • What is your motto in life? 

conform against the masses - this is my brand’s motto and it’s a contradictory term to encourage people to go against the grain and not conform to society’s norms.