After spending a few years in the family business, Wiolanda Nobili opened the first Nobili boutique in Milan in 1999. The Nobili concept stems from a desire to combine a new perception of luxury with family tradition.

The Nobili brand has started to become a synonym for quality, the excellence of Italian style, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The made-to-measure approach and the personalization of clothes in a range of more than 120 available colours now constitute some of the brand’s main strengths.

Since 2012, Nobili has been distributed under numerous international multi-brands.
The Nobili collections rely on the quality of Italian craftsmanship to create a “couture” product that can be worn every day. The idea of Wiolanda Nobili is to create sophisticated collections for both men and women who wear clothes that go beyond any fashion trend.
The idea of applying the made-to-measure concept to cashmere is the result of the designer’s own personal experience, since true luxury implies wearing unique and exclusive clothes. For this reason, Nobili offers an opportunity to produce clothes that are 100% cashmere in a selection of 120 different colours, and to personalize them by creating a model that best represents one’s own character.
Instagram: nobili_cashmere

Instagram: nobili_cashmere