My name is Margarita Mendez and I was Born in Atlanta Georgia, and
raised in Coachella, CA. I consider the Coachella valley to be my hometown.
As a native, I am lucky and loving every moment of living in the beautiful
Desert. I am ecstatic to do what I love! And always doing whatever it takes
to do and be where I am. I have an amazing Appreciation for individuality
and love to satisfy my clients " Fashion" desires.

There are a few mottos I live by every day which are "Every moment
counts! So make it count. Never give up on your dreams because that is what
makes us who we are."

 It's true I'm Open for Business. For the Experience on a block that is
well known for Hi-end fashion and exclusive boutique's.

My inspiration comes from my family. A mixture of styles combined
together. To make DECADES A TREND. Better yet a style that allows you to
express your upcoming fashion trends.

Always changing looks. Being said we are seasonal. I  have a huge
appreciation for pieces of cotton & linens. When travelling the best pieces are light
weight. Either living in an area that is very Warm. Or cold layering is well

We have a mixture of brands : Religion being our New York line
always keeping up with edgy looks for the everyday working women with a bit
of sexy... "we live in black" is there quote.

Decades Stores

Decades Stores

We got beautiful kaftans Made of silks and linens for our Resort wear.
Best travelling silks in the valley. With a flare of Asian inspired history
and a 1920's look.

DECADES 24kt jewellery is a versatile line that some are unisex. My design is
made for every culture depending on your beliefs.

We are in the Mecca of the Art seen. Being said My interest in  Art.  I'm
excited to have the opportunity to have new pieces every month to allow a
chance to showcase an Artist. Every artist is different. With this world
having so much talent. Gotta represent!

Our Coachella valley is known to be a destination point. beautiful skies
and amazing desert sceneries! Our laid back lifestyle... COACHELLA FESTIVAL
is an event that is worldwide. And the fun begins with a fabulous experience
hitting our amazing pool parties. One spot always having the very best is
the ACE hotel located in Palm Springs with great vibes. it's definitely the
hip spot.